Press release by Agora Gallery - New York

Whether in minimalist geometric mixed-media abstractions or explosively dynamic expressionist acrylic paintings, Rom Lammar’s canvases possess a fascinating and enigmatic beauty. The Luxembourg-based artist works in a variety of styles, but with each he demonstrates a pitch-perfect sensibility to composition, color and structure. His geometric constructions – composed on canvas and incorporating various media and objects – match references to primitive art traditions with an architectural organization of color planes, shapes and lines. Their clean aesthetic and symmetry evoke monuments to some mysterious and distant culture. Elsewhere, Lammar deploys a spectacularly dynamic and chaotic imagery that resembles explosions of color and shapes tearing across the canvas. The effect is never disorderly; Lammar crafts the sense of movement and depth with attention to every jutting form, spinning line and glowing hue. Dark and spectacular, such works have a thrilling dynamism that is all the more intriguing for suggesting violence and destruction. Working in and between these two aesthetic paradigms, Lammar proves agile in balancing austere monumentality with bursting energy